services for housing associations

Property-specific waste container

Each residential property must have the following waste containers on the basis of the number of residences:

Waste type

Number of 

1 or more
Paper 10 or more
Biowaste 5 or more
Glass 10 or more
Small metal 10 or more

The collection of biowaste is possible for groups of at least five properties, provided that the biowaste container is located along the waste collection vehicle’s route.

Eco charge

The eco charge is the annual residence-specific charge. For the eco charge, the waste company offers waste sorting possibilities for municipal residents:

  • eco points located in each municipality within the operating area
  • waste stations that accept sorted recyclable and hazardous waste free of charge
  • battery collection points at shops, schools or eco points
  • pharmacies that accept medical products and mercury-containing thermometers free of charge
  • the eco charge is collected from all households within the operating area of Lakeuden Etappi, and it is invoiced in connection with the regular waste invoice.

Eco points

Eco points accept paper, glass and small metal from households.

Waste Stations

Waste stations serve households and companies. Sorted recyclable waste is accepted free of charge from households. Combustible and landfill waste is subject to a separate charge according to our price list. The waste station accepts waste volumes of no higher than 2 m3 (car trailer load). Larger waste volumes are accepted at the Etappi waste management centre in Ilmajoki.