The waste handling operations and administration of Lakeuden Etappi are carried out in the waste management centre located in Ilmajoki. The waste management centre consists of:

  • Office
  • Receipt of large volumes, weighing station
  • Receipt of small volumes, Ilmajoki waste station
  • Biogas plants
  • Handling area for recyclable waste
  • Terminal for hazardous waste
  • Transfer and loading facility for combustible waste
  • Handling area for contaminated soil
  • Handling area for bottom ash from the waste to energy plant
  • Handling facility for liquid waste
  • Final disposal site for regular waste
  • Final disposal site for hazardous waste
  • Handling facility of Suomen Hyötykeskus Oy

The waste management centre has been built and is operated in an environmentally friendly manner. Fields and handling sites have been built according to directives and permits by minimising any risks associated with adverse impact on water, air or soil. Furthermore, active and detailed monitoring serves to keep any adverse impact under control.