Waste to energy plant

The waste to energy plant of Westenergy Oy is the first plant in Finland which is owned by municipal waste companies and designed to utilise waste as energy. Westenergy is owned by Botniarosk Oy Ab, Lakeuden Etappi Oy, Millespakka Oy, Stormossen Ab Oy and Vestia Oy. Lakeuden Etappi is the largest shareholder of the waste to energy plant.

At the plant, sorted non-recyclable combustible waste is produced into heat and power. The plant utilises the waste which was previously disposed of at landfill sites.

Every year, 150,000 tons of waste is incinerated at the waste to energy plant. The resulting energy is used in district heating and electricity production. The plant produces electricity for 7,000 urban households making it a significant plant.

The building located on a plot of seven hectares is 160 metres long and 42 metres tall, and its chimney rises up to the height of 75 metres. The building’s surface area is 16,000 m2 and volume 220,000 m3.

Some 400,000 people live within the operating area of the Westenergy plant.

  • Waste combustion capacity is 20,000 kg/h
  • Fuel output is 61 MW
  • Power production capacity is 13 MW
  • District heating production capacity is 40 MW

 Read more at www.westenergy.fi