Within the operating area of Lakeuden Etappi, the least expensive and easiest way to organise waste management for holiday home owners is to use a separate waste container. Other options include a container shared with the neighbour or the use of a regional collection point. According to legislation, each property must be within the scope of waste management. A separate waste container can be acquired if the holiday home is located along a sufficiently wide road with a sufficient load-bearing capacity for the waste collection vehicle to reach the container. Waste containers of holiday homes are emptied every four weeks between 1 May and 30 September. The emptying service can be extended to cover the rest of the year by contacting the Etappi customer service.

New holiday home owners can buy a waste container from the Etappi waste station. Contact the Etappi customer service to define your address and the size of your container. Usually, a waste container of 140 litres is sufficient for holiday homes. An invoice is sent after the season in autumn.

Holiday homes can also use a shared container so that a maximum of five holiday homes can use a single waste container. The invoice is sent to the holder of the property where the waste container is located.


Regional collection points intended for holiday homes are located in Alavus, Kihniö, Kuortane, Töysä, Ähtäri and Peräseinäjoki. In these regions, holiday home residents can also use their specific regional collection points between 1 May and 30 September. In Kihniö, collection points serve around the year, and some of them are available to permanent residents. The service is subject to a seasonal charge. The invoice is sent in spring. If a regional collection point is used around the year, its use is subject to an annual charge.

The regional collection points only accept combustible waste produced by holiday homes, i.e. garbage bags from under the sink, without any recyclable or hazardous waste. Large waste items, such as construction waste, household appliances and furniture, must be delivered to the waste station.


If required, Etappi collects large items from properties, such as refrigerators, televisions and washing machines. The collection is charged in connection with the regular waste invoice. If the item is subject to a charge, such as a sofa or mattress, the waste handling charge will be added to the invoice. The service can be applied to the collection of 1–5 items.


Recyclable and hazardous waste produced by both permanent and summer residents is accepted at waste stations and eco points.