Services for companies

The Etappi corporate service helps and instructs companies in all questions related to waste management. The Etappi corporate service supports companies by offering daily waste-related information and through the long-term development of waste management.

companies can produce cost-savings through correct sorting!

Proper waste management produces benefits for companies. The prevention of waste, together with functional waste management, is reflected in sustainability, building a positive business image. By reducing waste volumes and increasing waste utilisation, companies can also make savings in waste management costs.

overall waste management service

We provide companies with an overall waste management service tailored according to customers’ needs. Contact us and we will investigate the current situation of waste management within your company and give you an offer.

paid training

Lakeuden Etappi organises training events to order for companies, public administration and educational institutions. All events are planned together with the customer, covering the themes agreed upon with the customer.

waste handling and transportation agreement for companies

Companies that require waste collection services more frequently than once a month should sign a waste handling agreement with Etappi. Through the agreement, you can deliver waste faster to the waste management centre and receive fewer invoices.

We empty the waste containers of companies along a regular route, and lease out and sell waste management equipment.

For more information, contact the Lakeuden Etappi corporate service: tel. +358 6 421 4900