funding for waste management

In Finland, waste management is wholly funded by charges collected from waste producers, instead of using tax revenue. The principle is that everyone is responsible for and pays for their own waste.


An eco charge is collected from properties within the operating area of Lakeuden Etappi to cover any costs arising from the collection and transportation of utilisable and hazardous waste.

For the eco charge, municipal residents can use eco points and waste stations for no additional charge with regard to utilisable and hazardous waste (excluding combustible waste, energy waste and biowaste). As companies do not pay any eco charge, they need to pay a separate charge for the municipal company’s services.


The emptying charge is determined according to the size of the waste container. The emptying charge includes the transportation of waste to the processing site and correct handling. Detached house owners receive their invoices directly from waste management. Members of housing associations pay for their waste through their rent or maintenance charge.

The municipal committee decides on the waste rate applied to the service price list.


We send an invoice on waste management to detached houses every two months. Housing associations receive their invoices once a month.

The waste invoice includes the emptying of waste containers over the specific invoicing period and any other fees (e.g. excess waste). No waste charge is collected if the Etappi customer service has been notified of a temporary interruption in waste management (e.g. during a holiday) two weeks prior to the next regular emptying.

Etappi does not charge a separate invoicing fee. The waste invoice can also be paid as a direct payment or through an e-invoice agreement. The agreement on direct payment or e-invoice is made with the customer’s bank. For expired unpaid invoices, we send one payment reminder. 

Any messages concerning debt collection, payment reminders and the postponement of due dates are sent to


You can pay with cash or debit card at waste stations. The committee for waste management decides on the waste rate.